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Consolidated Insights Report

For Corporate Learning & Development

Andy Appleby - APL Founder

Andy Appleby - Founder
Apples Learning Solutions LTD, Apples Performance and Learning, ALS Coaching

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Corporate L&D has undergone significant fluctuations over the last decade and a half. From the emergence of digital learning and learning experience platforms, onto wave after wave of a ‘new’ type of digital learning, followed by a rapid, global, expansion of remote & virtual learning accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and now the recent advancements in artificial intelligence tools.

Alongside these fluctuations the world has experienced numerous economic crises and geopolitical tensions all while a generation more educated, more informed, more digitally literate and empowered than any before it has entered the workforce.

This has resulted in a situation where corporate L&D is under more scrutiny than ever to prove it’s worth and justify why, when budgets are restricted and competition is higher than ever, money should be spent on a part of the business that seemingly generates no revenue and is at a loss in how it can demonstrate any positive non-financial value for the organisation. All while never really being able to provide a solid explanation of how and why it does what it does.

If, like me, you’re an outspoken, unapologetic advocate for L&D and its importance in personal and organisational growth, then you’ve probably sought out all manner of research and insights to help you ensure you make evidence-led decisions. Unfortunately, while there are countless industry bodies, experts and reports generated every year, it’s far too time consuming to consolidate all that insight and translate into meaningful, impactful action for your L&D function.

That’s where we come in! We’ve looked at some of the most recognised, insightful and interesting reports published in the last year line-by-line and distilled it into a single report to help you make strategic and operational decisions, based on industry-leading insight. 

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