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Learning Platform Research

The Learning Technology market is going through an interesting phase of evolution, with Learning Management Systems, Learning Experience Platforms, and highly integrated HR Suites vying for increasingly challenged budgets. We know from first-hand experience (because our clients rely on us to fix things, and quickly!) how tricky things can be if the wrong decisions are made during purchasing, implementation, or launch. You could find yourself with a large hole in your budget with few positive results to show for it.

We've launched our Learning Platform Research campaign to gather first-hand insights into organisations' experience with some of the biggest players in the market so we can help you, and others, make informed investments in Learning Technology so everyone can be their best, and do their best, in their way. 

Click the links below to share your experience with Learning Platforms.

Learning Platform Survey - Thumbnail (Purchaser)
Learning Platform Survey - Thumbnail (Administrator)
Learning Platform Survey - Thumbnail (Configure)
Learning Platform Survey - Thumbnail (User)

Important information about contributing to this research

1 - Your details WILL NOT be used for marketing purposes unless you Opt-In (Important: Your details will never be sent to, or shared with third parties).
2 - As a contributor to our research you will receive a free copy of the report, sent to the E-mail address you share within the survey
3 - No Vendors/Learning Platform providers are sponsoring/funding this research directly or indirectly.
4 - Platforms listed have been selected based on our own exposure/experience within the industry and no fees have been paid by a
vendor (listed or otherwise), either directly or indirectly for inclusion in this survey.

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