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Who is APL?

Andy Appleby - APL Founder

Andy Appleby - Founder
Apples Learning Solutions LTD, Apples Performance and Learning, ALS Coaching

APL Consulting is the latest chapter in our mission to make it easier for individuals, teams, and organisations to be their best, and do their best, every day!

Since launching in 2015 (as Apples Learning Solutions LTD) we've been supporting clients as pair of hands to get a critical project over the line, developing bespoke solutions, or offering strategic guidance and expertise. All in the name of making it easier to cultivate a strong performance improvement mindset and empower organisations, their people and individuals to be better, and do better every day.


We do this by getting to know you and your business so we can bring together the best people, develop the best processes, and leverage the most effective technology to deliver on your priorities.

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