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Actionable Insights for Learning & Talent Development

Over the last twenty years I've worked, and continue to work across all specialisms within Learning and Talent Development.

It's an active decision. I find my deep understanding of the challenges faced by facilitators, designers & developers, administrators and partners provides a perspective others don't have when developing Learning and Development Strategies and Operating Models.

And vice-versa - Because of my expertise in developing L&D Strategy and Op Models I'm well versed in defining the clear line of sight between an organisation's strategic objectives, the role L&D must play in delivering this and ultimately the demands that will be placed on L&D specialists. In my case, it means I'm always able to understand and articulate the 'Why'.

This is important because knowing the why allows me to be sure that everything I'm doing is definitely improving performance and delivering value.

Data Analysis and Insights for Learning and Talent Development

Something I haven't mentioned so far is Insights. That is, capturing and analysing data to inform decisions.

It's been pivotal in everything I've done. From global studies that delve into the impact of a Learning and Talent Development on an organisation's revenue to localised research that delivers insights into how nuances within a particular culture demands a different approach to developing skills and capabilities. There's also the small-scale focus-groups and anecdotal data gather in conversation with people across my network.

Whatever data is available I love it! Sometimes it simply backs up an assumption I've made but I get most excited when it shows me something new or proves me wrong. Why? Because that's when learning happens!

I can stand confidently in front of my clients, stakeholders and sponsors and make recommendations, take action that I know will deliver the right results because I have the data to back it up.

But that's just me. And I love data. It's something I know gathering and inspecting data is something others despise. I also know that many leaders and decision makers simply don't have the time to read through the data available to identify useful insights that can drive action.

If, like me, you receive mountains of data and insights on the daily, it can be overwhleming. No doubt you have a folder on your laptop with industry reports and insights and maybe a raft of 'flagged' E-mails in your inbox that you fully intend to get back to, when time allows.

Even a data & insights nerd like me finds this overwhelming. So I've done a thing!

CIRcld Report - 2024

Infographic of the key findings and recommendations of the 2024 CIRcld report
CIRcld Infographic

I've taken a look at the last reports from the Learning and Performance Institute, Fosway, Donald H Taylor, CIPD and a few others, along with some interesting articles in the Learning and Development field. I've taken a look through the data and insights they've shared and identified some common themes.

I've then delved into what this consolidated insights means for Learning Leaders, Learning Partners and Learning Specialists. I've then summarised some clear actions that Learning and Talent Development Leaders can take to push their Learning and Talent Development Actions further. Deliver improvements in the outcomes of their work and demonstrate value for employees, teams and organisations.

You can get your hands on a copy here:

And you can rest assured this inaugural Consolidated Insights Report for Corportal Learning and Development (CIRcld) is the first of many - constantly looking to simplify the plethora of data available in Learning and Development with the simple purpose of making your life easier!

Let me know how you get on - and what the most useful takeaway was for you.

About the Author - And Apples Performance and Learning

Photo of Andy Appleby - Founder of APL Consulting

This is where you usually get the obligatory profile, and pitch - feel free to skip it, but I'd rather you didn't. If you've read one of my posts before, this next bit will be familiar :).

Hi. I'm Andy. I'd rather not bore you with a profile, when you can find out what you need here. So take a look, or don't - it's quite literally up to you.

Also - I could give you a really slick 'sales pitch' about how Apples Performance and Learning can help you navigate through the minefield that is Performance Improvement. But I won't. To be frank, this post is already too long, and I'm bored of my own 'voice'. If you want to know how we can help you - check this out, or this.

Beyond that, if you've made it this far, thank you for sticking with me. Hopefully you agree with my post and find some value in it. If not, please feel free to correct my perspectives - I won't learn anything new otherwise! 


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